Listing of Birthstone Colors

This listing of birthstone colors covers both modern and traditional birthstones. There’s some overlap right here in the traditional and modern styles, since the modern birthstone list (established in early 1900s) was based on the classic stones.

Why is bloodstone meaning of birthstones significant?

In ancient times, individuals thought the style of a stone showed the precise natural power or energy the stone contained. And the color of your birthstone was thought to enhance or perhaps resonate with your own personal energy.

Nowadays, many individuals merely feel their birthstone is valuable, and a gift containing this gemstone is regarded as a considerable, personalized product to give.

So how might you make use of this listing of birthstone colors?

It’s handy to refer to anytime you wish to stand for a certain birth month, but without making use of gems.

For example, you could use glass beads to make jewelry in the birthstone colors rather than using genuine stones.

You may also want to make use of the list of birthstone colors to personalize or perhaps design non jewelry items, including gifts or clothing, for someone.

Or you might use the colors in this list for getting ideas in decorating for a birthday party or any other special event.

List of Birthstone Colors

January –

– Modern: dark red
– Traditional: dark red

February –

– Modern: moderate to dark purple
– Traditional: medium to deep purple

March –

– Modern: aqua
– Traditional: dark green with red inclusions

April –

– Modern: silvery crystal
– Traditional: silvery crystal

May –

– Modern: bright green
– Traditional: brilliant green

June –

– Modern: milky to blueish white-colored
– Traditional: light reddish purple

July –

– Modern: rich blood red
– Traditional: deep blood red

August –

– Modern: light yellowish green
– Traditional: brownish red with white inclusions

September –

– Modern: deep vibrant blue
– Traditional: in depth attractive blue

October –

– Modern: blueish yellow
– Traditional: pink

November –

– Modern: yellow or even golden brown
– Traditional: yellow

December –

– Modern: greenish pink or perhaps sky blue
– Traditional: greenish blue

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