How to clean the dryer like a pro

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I don’t know what makes us think that some appliances like the dishwasher, the washing machine or the dryer need absolutely no cleaning, but we believe it so strongly, that if someone ever asks you whether you have taken care of them, you will either think that he is a maniacally fastidious person or you will look at him with mistrust. However, every specialist and all the professional cleaners from whichever of the best London’s cleaning companies will tell you that not cleaning your cleaners is the biggest mistake you may possibly make.

And the question is: how do you expect your dryer to work so nicely and efficiently, if you haven’t cleaned it properly since you bought it or since you moved in this rented property?And in fact it won’t take you that much time, just follow these simple steps.  

Empty the lint trap 

First, better unplug it, so that you can work calmly. Then focus on the lint trap, empty it and clean it carefully. In fact this is something you should do on a daily basis or differently said every time you empty the dryer. This is the least effort you may make.

Wash the filters

All over you dryer there are filters, which in almost all of the cases can be removed, washed and put back where they belong. Do it and I promise that you will notice the difference right the next time you are doing the laundry.

Specialized clean-up

This one is the hardest, but also the most useful one and you can add this task to your spring and fall routine and do it only twice a year. What you should do is remove the back panel and then vacuum-clean all the lint that is gathered there. If you skip it, your dryer won’t be able to work at full load.

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