The summer vacation you secretly dream of

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The sun is shining, you can feel the breeze in your beachy wavy hair, your skin is dark and salty, you are sunbathing on a yacht with a glass of Mojito in one hand and a nice fascinating book in the other.

Your friends are having fun all around – laughing and singing and joking, talking, chilling. With your eyes closed, you are completely at ease, life is pretty amazing and your summer holiday the very best. Opening your eyes, you realize that you have just woken up from your 3-minute beach nap and the reality has nothing in common with this idyll.The kids are screaming and running all around, forcing you to go back in the sea/pool/something that is more fun for them, right after you have been at this same place with them for hours and just before you could lay on the lounge and grab a book.

Going mad, you are spending your vacation on the beach only.

Where you can meet no one other, but parents and while your lovely husband is enjoying his beer and is flawlessly happy, you are taking care of the sun protect of the whole family, bringing five cosmetic products, you have to make sure that your children will have an unforgettable time so you are taking a whole bunch of toys on the beach and it takes you almost an hour to collect them back in the end of the day, because of that kid who took that car in the morning (what a shame). Unfortunately, the list of things you have to think about hasn’t ended and you have a bag full of snacks because the water, the sun and the endless plays truly exhaust all of the family members and they need something to eat between the lunch and the dinner, for instance. Taking a deep breath for a moment, watching the lovely sea and the beautiful sunset, you believe that the perfect summer vacation is being back to normal.

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